TBC History

Trinity Baptist Church, originally known as Highway Baptist Church, had its beginnings early on in 1946 as a mission out of the First Baptist Church of Heavener. May 1st, 1946, the mission was organized into a church, with 27 charter members. The first pastor of the church was Brother Robert Caywood, who pastored the church from August of 1946 to September of 1948. The original building was a frame structure that was known as “The White Grill”. That building burned in early 1948.


While the second building was being built, the church met in the old Forest Hill Schoolhouse. The second building was finished in 1949. Brother Felix Quinton had come to be the second pastor of the church in November of 1948, and continued until September of 1949.


In October of 1949, Brother O.N. Wehunt became the third pastor of the church, leading the congregation until June of 1952. During this time, the church was blessed with much growth.


Because of the growth that the church had experienced, in December of 1953, the church voted to enter an expansion program. This program was completed in June of 1954 with the addition to the back of the building. Brother Houston Grayson pastored the church during this time, from July of 1952 to July of 1955.


Brother A.R. Washburn led the church from September of 1955 to August of 1959, during which time the church purchased a house for $2,000 for the parsonage in January of 1958. In October of 1959, the church decided to sell the house and to build a brand new parsonage on Highway 59. It was during this time that Brother J.W. Pybas, led the church as its 6th pastor, from October of 1959 to December of 1962.


Brother Elmer Polson came to the church in May of 1963 to June of 1965. It was during this time that the church began to consider a new building. The search began for new property on which to build. March 4th, 1964, the property of the church’s current location was purchased for $950. The church then sold the old building and property in October of 1964 to the American Legion for $6,500. The church was allowed to meet in the building until the new building was complete.


The new church building was completed in May of 1965, and the first service was held there June 7th, 1965. June 13th the building was dedicated with services and an open house. Now that the church was no longer on Highway 59, the church thought that we should change our name. June 27th, 1965, the church voted to rename itself the Trinity Baptist Church.


From February 1966 to September 1970, Dennis Surber led the church as her 8th pastor. The Lord continued to bless and grow the church.


In August of 1971, the church voted to sell the parsonage on the highway and build a new parsonage next to the new church building. February of 1973, ground was broken for the new parsonage after finally selling the old parsonage for $12,500. Brother Raymond Thomason led the church during this time, from December 1970 to September 1980. During his time as pastor, Brother Thomason led the church to add on to the Sunday School area and new classrooms were dedicated in January 1977.


January 1981 to November 1984, Jack Stegeman pastored the church. The church was blessed in many ways during this time, including the addition of a lighted sign out front.


There were several men who helped to pastor the church for the next several years. Brother Robert Jackson was interim pastor from December 1984 to March of 1985. Brother Paul Dean McDaniel pastored the church from April 1985 to October 1987. And Brother Jackson was interim pastor again December 1987 to December 1988. From January of 1989 to May of 1990, Brother Richard Brailey served as the 12th pastor, followed by Brother Joe Thorton who served as interim pastor from May 1990 to October 1990.


Then in November of 1990, Brother Jeff Beshears came to Trinity as her 13th pastor. From 1990-1991 the church experienced growth spiritually and physically. The need for more space became evident. After careful prayer and deliberation, the church decided to build a new sanctuary and convert the old sanctuary into educational/fellowship space. The total cost was $115,500. This note was paid off 7 years early on September 3rd, 1995. Brother Jeff would serve the church as pastor until November of 1995, followed by Brother Joe Hayden Hall who would serve as interim from December 1995 to May 1996, at which time Brother Jeff returned to pastor the church from June 1996 to November 1998.


The next man to pastor Trinity was Brother Howard Huddle, the church’s 14th pastor. He led the church from October 1999 to November 2012. Brother Huddle has been the longest tenured pastor the church has had, serving 13 years. A pavilion was built across the street from the church building at the end of Brother Huddle’s pastorate.


Brother Jim Seale helped the church tremendously for many months after Brother Huddle left. He basically served as interim pastor until the church called their next pastor. He has been a great blessing to the folks of Trinity.


Brother Aaron Polk became the 15th pastor in January of 2014. He led the church until October of 2017. After Brother Aaron left, the church was without a pastor for almost a year and a half.


February 10th, 2019, Brother Paul Puckett and the church agreed for him to serve as interim pastor. He did so until September 8th, 2019, when Trinity extended the call for him to become the 16th pastor of the church and he continues to serve as such.


God has richly blessed Trinity for the past 75 years. There have been good times and bad times; lean times and fat times; easy times and difficult times; but there has never been a time when God wasn’t with us, getting us through each season.