Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

I want to thank Brother Jerry Locke for his writing ministry.  His book "Dispositions That Destroy" is the inspiration for these lessons and I get much of the material for them from that book. ~ Pastor Paul Puckett

“Tragic Temperaments”


II Samuel 20:1-13


“Putting something off until later (or never); to put off taking action until a future time.”


I.  A Perilous Situation, vs.1-2.

Another revolt was about to break out, with Sheba as the ring leader.


II. A Proposed Solution, vs. 3-4.

Amasa was at one time in Absolom’s army (17:25). David gave Amasa a break, a second chance (19:23). The king could have killed him or distrusted him, but instead he made him a captain, second only to Joab.


III. A Procrastinating Spirit, v. 5.

Amasa “tarried longer than the set time ...”. He had the authority, the manpower, and the money to do the job -- but he delayed !


IV. A Profound Suffering, vs. 6-13.

There were some severe consequences that Amasa suffered because of his procrastination.

  • He Lost His Place of Service, vs. 6-7. Someone else took his place. Another was sent !
  • He Lost His Perception of the Situation, vs. 8-10a. He did not understand the importance of his mission. He became careless. He didn’t see Joab’s sword.
  • He Lost the Possibility of Survival, v. 10b. He literally “spilled his guts.”
  • He Lost the Prestige if His Station, vs. 11-13. Before, he was the king’s captain. Now, he was a dead corpse laying in the way !
  • He Lost the Praise of His Sovereign, vs. 22-23. Joab did Amasa’s job and got Amasa’s praise.