Sunday AM, October 18th, 2020

“2020 Vision … MORE”

“Vision to See Jesus”

John 12:21


If we had been in Jerusalem on that certain day, we would have seen a great crowd making its way down toward the Temple. If we had not known the particular significance of that day, if we had not known why all the people were there, we would have said to some passerby, “Why are all the people gathered here, and what is going on down at the Temple ?” And he would have answered, “Why didn’t you know ? This is the day of the Passover Feast, and our people have gathered to observe this solemn and important occasion ?”

But on that particular day, there was One there who appreciated the real meaning of the Passover. Jesus was there. He knew He was the Lamb without spot or blemish. He knew He was the Lamb who would be slain.

But there were others present also. Certain Greeks were among them who came to worship at the Feast. They came, not to worship, but to see the One whose fame had spread everywhere. They came to see Jesus. So they approached Philip and said to him, “Sir, we would see Jesus.” So far as we can determine, the Greeks did get to meet and talk to Jesus. I know they must have been blessed by it, and I hope they put their trust in Him for salvation.

“We would see Jesus.” That is the age old cry of all humanity. “Show us the Father,” they said, “and it sufficeth us.” And in due time, Jesus came and showed men the Father in His own Person. The cry of men today is just the same as it was in that day. “Just show us the Father, and it is enough.” Let’s look at some occasions today when we need to see Jesus.


I. We Need to See Jesus When We Are Burdened With Sin.

Look at David’s great confession in Psalm 51. It is the cry of a sin-sick soul trying to get back into fellowship with God. Can you imagine the “man after God’s own heart” humbling himself that way before God ? He was just a sin-sick soul saying, “I would see Jesus.”

I once witnessed to a young woman who was guilty of every sin in the book. But God convicted her of her sin, and she came to the church seeking Jesus. Afterwards, she gave her testimony. She said, “When I came to that church looking for Jesus, it seemed that the weight of the whole world was pressing down upon me. But when I asked Christ to forgive me, the load was lifted and became as light as a feather.” Why ? Because she had seen Jesus, and her sins had been washed away.

We, too, carry the burden of sin. There is only one way to get rid of that burden. We must bring it to Jesus. He is our great Sin Bearer. Saved people carry sins, and lost people carry sins. Bring them all to Jesus. He will take them away.


II. We Need to See Jesus When We Are Engaged In Worship.

This was a time of religious chaos and confusion in Jerusalem. Men could come to the Temple and go through all of their religious ceremonies, but the sin and guilt would still be there. There would be no peace in their hearts.

A person may go to church today, go through all the forms of religious worship, and yet not truly see Jesus.

We want to see Jesus in the songs we sing. There ought to be a real Christian message in every song used in our church. May the Lord deliver us from those songs where we hear only the voices of the singers, but can’t understand one word of the song. The really great songs, the ones that move and bless our hearts, are those written out of the heart experiences of men.

We want to see Jesus in the sermons that are preached and the lessons that are taught. We fail miserably in our preaching and teaching if we don’t present Jesus to the people.


III. We Need to See Jesus In the Details of Daily Life.

Are you concerned with Christ and His church on Sunday mornings only ? Jesus wants to be our Lord, Strength, Comfort, Counselor and Friend every moment of every day. He wants to be there for us in every facet of life. He longs to bless us, use us and guide us in every detail of our day to day lives. As the old song says, “Have you any room for Jesus ?”


IV. We Need to See Jesus In Our Sorrows.

In the midnight hours, we want to see the Light of the World. When the sisters in Bethany lost their brother, they immediately sent for Jesus. He’s the One we want to see when sorrow comes. He’s the only One who understands and can comfort us.

Some people are beaten into the dust when sorrow comes. They don’t know which way to turn. Others have the peace of God written upon their faces. They have looked through their tears and have seen the Great Comforter.


V. We Need to See Jesus In the Hour of Death.

When we go down into the dark valley, we want to find Him there. And He’ll be there, for He has promised to go with us through the dark valley of the shadow of death.

Years ago, a fatally wounded soldier kept saying over and over, “Where is He ? Where is He ?” Finally, when he was in an understandable moment, the nurse asked, “All day long you’ve been asking for someone. Who did you want to see ?” The soldier said, “My mother taught me that Jesus would be with me when I came to the end of life. Now, where is He ?” The nurse didn’t know what to say and turned away. Soon the soldier called out, “There He is, nurse. He’s with me now, and I am going home with Him.” And he died.


We need to see Jesus in all of these areas. And how will we see Him ? We will see Him in each other. Will we have a vision to “be” Christ to those around us ?